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Wellness Consulting

Every aspect of your community impacts and reflects on the community’s wellness culture.  Connectivity is the basis and foundation for the overall well-being of residents and the bridge between all departments. 

Allure Wellness Management Services & Core Connection LLC are combining our unique experience and expertise for the purpose of helping you define and implement an effective Wellness Plan that will enable and empower your team to provide extraordinary service for your residents. We can guide you to find wellness solutions that will create more joy and deeper connection, while enhancing both the lifestyle and quality of life of the residents in your community.  

Detailed Business Analysis

Detailed Analysis  

You'll learn how to get results! Our team will analyze your current programming and offerings, resident satisfaction, resident participation, and marketing opportunities. We can facilitate program development, implementation, and quality assurance of multi-dimensional programs. 

Business Consultation

Guidance &


Our experienced and highly-skilled consultants will identify areas in your wellness programming that need support so you can increase engagement. We can give you the tools, confidence and inspiration you need to make an impact! You can experience growth and innovation as you enhance your wellness offerings with thoughfulness and efficiency.

Virtual Conference

Virtual Program Options

Enhance your existing programming with virtual options. From stress management to Tai Chi, and from brain health programming to spiritual wellness - we've got you covered! Our team can curate thought-provoking programs and provide live or recorded presentations and music performances suited to your needs and your residents' requests.

Playing Foosball

Engagement & Connection

We understand that participation and engagement are a constant issue. Loneliness and isolation are risk factors for many chronic conditions, affecting physical, cognitive and mental health as well as longevity. Our team can help you increase purposeful engagement as we find cost-effective ways to manage your Program budget with virtual options and relevant programming that is ready for your team to implement.

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